Hank von Hell

Release: 13/3

-Never Is Forever
Never is Forever, was originally released in 1994 on Dog Job Records. Depression, drugs, sex, crime and transvestitism are all themes in this concept album by Norways finest! The album was constructed as a deliberate protest against the indie lo-fi scene that was at its height of popularity at the time. Turbonegro found the lo-fi ethos contrived and pretentious, and thus sat out to create a well-produced, radio-friendly album. They cite Blue Oyster Cult as a significant influence on the album, and it shows. It even opens with a short but bombastic keyboard-driven ballad.

-Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives
Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives was originally released in 1992 on Big Ball Records and is easily the band's noisiest and most metallic album. It also featured the band's first vocalist, Harry Neger. The sound is dirty, distorted guitar riffs; feedback; and mid-paced, stripped-down, raw rock pacing and arrangements.