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Is the product available and in stock?

You can see the status of a product in our webshop, "In stock", "Few in stock" or "Out of stock". We are doing our very best to give you accurate information but we reserve for possible miscalculations in our stock. You can always contact us if you want to make sure the product is in stock.

If a product is out of stock we will order it from the supplier. Usually it takes 1-3 business days for us to get it from the supplier and then another day before it is shipped from us. If the item is out of stock at the supplier too it will unfortunately be a longer delay depending on when a new edition is made. If it is a common product it won't take long.

My order
When we have received your order a confirmation with your order information and delivery address will be sent to your e-mail. Make sure that the information is correct.

By logging in to your user account you can see the status of your order (Received, Shipped or Canceled). Once the order has been shipped, an e-mail will be sent to you to inform you which products has been shipped and if any have been backordered. This e-mail is sent regardless if you have a user account or not.

I want to add or remove a product from my order.

If you want to add a product on your order you can do that if nothing on your original order yet have been shipped from us. You need to contact us by email (support@bengans.se) and we will first cancel your old order and return your money. Then you can make a new order including the product you wanted to add.

If you want to remove a product from your order it is possible as long as we haven't shipped it to you. You need to contact us by email (support@bengans.se) and we will remove the product from your order and return money to your account. Remember to specify your customer- and ordernumber.

Prices online and in our physical stores.

All prices are including sales tax when you choose "English inside EU". All prices are excluding sales tax when you choose "English outside EU". When you click "Send order" in the checkout you will be redirected to our payment partner Dibs where you fill in your card number. You will see the amount in SEK that will be charged before you validate the payment.

The prices in the webshop and the physical stores may be different.

Who pays the shipping cost when a part of my delivery is backordered?

You only pay one shipping cost. Any backordered products will be sent to you without shipping fee.

Individual requests for packaging
Unfortunately, we cannot handle individual requests for packaging of orders and goods. This is because both order-processing and packaging are controlled automatically in relation to stock availability and individual wishes therefore, unfortunately, cannot be met.
We package all customer orders as carefully as we can.

Can I order from Bengans regardless where I am in the world?

Bengans are selling and shipping worldwide. Due to complications regarding shipping to South- and Central America, Bengans reserves the right to refuse shipments to countries in these parts of the world. We do not ship to North Ireland or Åland. We do not ship to Belarus or Russia.

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