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Aerial Ship of Flowers - New album - Speaking Trees
Xeno48 Xenophone International 2023. Release 8 December

Imagine a walk through a lush forest with a soundtrack produced by Popol Vuh,
and 70´s Pink Floyd but in a more contemporary ambient chillout fashion than in the early progressive styles.

The cosmic soundscapes of Gasleben are well blended with Davidsons laser 12 stringed guitar and tricky boxes. Slow often improvised moods takes you through the branch-works twigs and grass in sparse but melodic flows.

The album has a theme, although told completely instrumentally,
Roots send signals and messages in the undergrowth, of alerts danger nutrition chemistry. The 3 pieces on the album are truly a treat for the listener.

Aerial Ship of Flowers are:
Perter Davidson and Karl Gasleben
Gasleben started his career in ”Anna Själv Tredje”, and ”Cosmic Overdose”.
Both have worked with Beehive Plains, The Butterfly Effect, Twice a man etc.
Peter has released many albums of ambient music.
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