Amateur Hour

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AMATEUR HOUR are back!

One of the most well-known names from the Gothenburg scene, Amateur Hour (members of Westkust, Makthaverskan, Typical Girls, Enhet För Fri Musik a.o.) need no big introduction. Two very limited & very sold-out albums, 2016's Amateur Hour (FFFM) & 2019's Framtiden Tillhör Inte Oss (Happiest Place), and a handful of cassettes & 7"s later, Amateur Hour is finally back with a magnum opus of an album - Krökta Tankar & Brända Vanor is the third full-length from this pillar of the Swedish underground, released on Appetite Records.
At the same time, both of the previous albums will be reissued for the first time - making two very sought-after releases available again.